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masochisticbeaver asked: -whines- Feminism isn't necessary because I can vote!! Men are oppressed, too!! Feminists are all just hairy man-haters!!

but I get paid as much as my male counterparts??? I don’t *feel* oppressed??? 

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Become a figure skater they said

it will be fun they said

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Everything tells me you are the asp and yet I find myself desiring your venom.

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Green Pearl Mini Squids by Glass Heart Studio

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Anti-feminist women professing that feminism is crap because it fails to address class while illustrating their enlightened points with all the kool stuff they learned in their sociology lectures makes 4 verging on ironic sad tiems

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turtleshroom asked: "Anti-work"? Does this mean you sit on your rear and mooch off of the people that actually do crap for a living? How can you call yourself a Marxist if you vegetate in front of a computer screen (like a bourgouise) instead of working hard as a noble proletariat who deserves to command the Means of Production?





Ladies and gentlemen, the Tumblr Marxist. A bourgouise wearing proletariat overalls with no conception of the struggles of the proletariat nor the suffering his ideology would do to them. Also a hypocrite. -because anti-work is the exact opposite of Marxism’s philosophy.

 ”In all revolutions up till now the mode of activity always remained unscathed and it was only a question of a different distribution of this activity, a new distribution of labour to other persons, whilst the communist revolution is directed against the preceding mode of activity, does away with labour, and abolishes the rule of all classes with the classes themselves, because it is carried through by the class which no longer counts as a class in society, is not recognised as a class, and is in itself the expression of the dissolution of all classes, nationalities, etc. within present society”

Karl Marx, The German Ideology, chapter 1

"The modern state, the rule of the bourgeoisie, is based on freedom of labour …. Freedom of Labour is free competition of the workers among themselves …. Labor is free in all civilized countries; it is not a matter of freeing labor but of abolishing it.

Karl Marx, The German Ideology, chapter 3

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